Saturday, October 3, 2009


So i have moved a few weeks ago to an idyllic little neighborhood in Schenectady called the Stockade. I JUST LOVE IT!!! it is a beautiful area with homes built from 1665 to the late 1800's. You may remember me blogging about the stockade town-wide yard sale in my older posts. Well as it turns out, many of the pieces i have bought there found there way back there, now painted, and happily in use in our new home. The greatest find was the lovely bench i blogged about and also a wonderful set on mahogany end tables that are perfect scale for our large bed. As many of you know, it is my dream to get featured in a magazine.In fact there are two big dreams I've had over the past few years- one , to have my own store, the second to be in a magazine!! Well I now have a successful store that will be open 1 year on October 30th. I am gearing up for a photo shoot real soon but i figured i would share with you all, the progress I have made - all this after just 3 days of moving in. Its amazing how, when something is right, it is really right!! All my furniture and pieces fit together so wonderfully in the new place. Ahhhh, how wonderful it is :-)