Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Chic is now International

I have a new and thriving Etsy store. You can see it at . if you create anything, like i do, I would have to say - you should be here!!!! They have great search engines which help people all over the world find you, In my opinion, much more effective than a regular website!!!! I have had many more people find Me and My store through the Etsy site, Wayy more than through my website alone.
So one day i have a lady from Israel interested in buying the wall sconces. I gave her a shipping quote- $35.00 for a medium sized box, She decided, even with the higher shipping rate, That she just had to have them!!! So....voila- I am now officially an International company!!! However, this is not the first person to find me Internationally through Etsy-- I have heard from people in Germany, Spain, Canada , and I am sure it wont be the last time. I hope everyone has a great night, and be sure to visit my totally cute Etsy store......