Thursday, March 26, 2009

A FABUOLUS FIND!! vintage wrought iron trees

I look at some of the fabulous things people have found and I wonder how they found something soooo great??!! Then, it happened to me!! These were custom made for BLOOMINGDALE'S in NY . What year, I do not know? What I do know is that they are solid wrought iron. They are 9 feet tall. Had holes where crystals hung. We're from an estate of a lady 96 years old. They were made for a display then sat in Bloomingdale's storage until they were almost thrown away. She rescued them and had them in her home for many years . When they were disposing of her unwanted things, these once again were rescued from a dumpster by a fellow junkin friend of mine in Long Island. They were bent and in great need of my love to make them fabulous again. A pair of pliers, a trip for one to the welder (it was bent on one stem, beyond my ability to reshape) and 34 vintage iridescent crystals that I've been hoarding for any future goody i find, and wow!!! they are just so stunning. I am imagining they are unique. I don't think any other exist in the world like it and if I didn't have a old home with 10 foot ceilings , i don't know where i would have put them. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM! now i am wondering? Do i leave them chippy and rusty or paint them ?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


How sweet is this???? i made this from a vintage chenille bedspread and added vintage pink pom pom trim, which I've had in my collection of wonderful vintage trims that i have been buying for about 5 years now -i just love trim. I had purchase several chairs that came from a remodeling of the marriott hotel in Long Island, NY ( which coincidentally is where i am from). They were red, but I'm sure you will agree - it looks soooo much cuter in this adorable pink slipcover !!!
This was sold to a wonderful lady named deb- she owns THE PINK PIG in Westport NY. She loved them so much she decided to order more. I went to visit a lady that i knew had some, in fact, she was saving them for me. I was off the next day to her home to get them. Oh they are wonderful - purple and white, pink , and white with little pink and blue flowers , 2 2 cute!! I cant wait to get sewing :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

my first chenille bunny

So,I finally did it. I've been thinking about it for a long time. Then (more than) a few weeks ago bought the pattern. Then spent a few weeks looking at the pattern. Finally i decided I was going to be brave and take on the challenge. Not bad for my first try. I figure i had better like making them because i am about to buy 5 more vintage patterns of different animals including a lamb (easter is right around the corner) a hobby horse head, a sleeping puppy dog and a kitty cat. Now....... i cant wait to get them :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The cutest french antique pink chair

WOW! on sunday, a dealer came by from NYC. He has what i can imagine to be a really high end antique store. He decided to bring me some things because his store is a more traditional store with wood pieces and not too much painted pieces. However, he has many storages filled with lovely antique painted pieces ( he promised to bring me a white painted stick and ball victorian mantle next ) This is soooo beautiful!!!!! - well, not when i first got it!!! It was however, painted white and distressed but the paint darkened so much that i repainted it. I decided to use this wonderful rose fabric. I just finished it. I LOVE IT!!! I wish i could take it home , but i have to sell SOMETHING every once in a while, he he he !!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

snow day!! taking pics of my home

These are just a few rooms in my new and very large house of 2000 st ft, built in the 1860's with 5 fireplace surrounds. I am nowhere near done yet!!! I still need some more furniture, some more mirrors and wall hangings, and some decorative items. Let me also say that i am only renting this house , so the colors are not my favorite (although they are nice) they are not me! If we were to buy it (i really do live this house) i would paint it in lovely patel shades of robins egg blues and pinks :-) I have an eat in kitchen, a large dining room, a big foyer, all the rooms are large and wonderful . It has been alot of fun decorating it. I am waiting for that next wonderful piece to come my way, so i can paint it and bring it home to my new wonderful home. I will surley blog more about my home soon, when i do more things to it. i hope everyone has a wonderful day :-)