Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The cutest french antique pink chair

WOW! on sunday, a dealer came by from NYC. He has what i can imagine to be a really high end antique store. He decided to bring me some things because his store is a more traditional store with wood pieces and not too much painted pieces. However, he has many storages filled with lovely antique painted pieces ( he promised to bring me a white painted stick and ball victorian mantle next ) This is soooo beautiful!!!!! - well, not when i first got it!!! It was however, painted white and distressed but the paint darkened so much that i repainted it. I decided to use this wonderful rose fabric. I just finished it. I LOVE IT!!! I wish i could take it home , but i have to sell SOMETHING every once in a while, he he he !!!


  1. I love this as well! Great job on the reupholstery! Beautiful fabric!


    I sent an invite to many of my friends to come check out your blog and follow! I really do love your stuff!

  2. This is so amazing!
    I think you should set up a vinete and take a picture to make into cards!!! I already put it as my screensaver for the day..
    ( hope thats ok! )

    How much are you selling it for? If I may ask?


  3. would like to get a price on this chair please contact me.


  4. hello, if this chair is still for sale or if you have any other merchandise like it could you please contact me at cpoetzsch@optonline.net