Thursday, March 26, 2009

A FABUOLUS FIND!! vintage wrought iron trees

I look at some of the fabulous things people have found and I wonder how they found something soooo great??!! Then, it happened to me!! These were custom made for BLOOMINGDALE'S in NY . What year, I do not know? What I do know is that they are solid wrought iron. They are 9 feet tall. Had holes where crystals hung. We're from an estate of a lady 96 years old. They were made for a display then sat in Bloomingdale's storage until they were almost thrown away. She rescued them and had them in her home for many years . When they were disposing of her unwanted things, these once again were rescued from a dumpster by a fellow junkin friend of mine in Long Island. They were bent and in great need of my love to make them fabulous again. A pair of pliers, a trip for one to the welder (it was bent on one stem, beyond my ability to reshape) and 34 vintage iridescent crystals that I've been hoarding for any future goody i find, and wow!!! they are just so stunning. I am imagining they are unique. I don't think any other exist in the world like it and if I didn't have a old home with 10 foot ceilings , i don't know where i would have put them. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM! now i am wondering? Do i leave them chippy and rusty or paint them ?


  1. I love them the way they are!! Fabulous find!!

  2. I agree! Leave them alone - they're perfect!!!