Friday, March 23, 2012

I was featured on the front page of HOUZZ.COM

WOW I was featured on the front page of HOUZZ.COM . A wonderful design website for designers.
It was a feature on staircases. It featured my home picture of my own staircase.
I have uploaded pics of my home first, them pics of my store and items I have made for sale in my store. I have gotten many clients from these pictures and uploads.
I am so proud of my accomplishments and all I have done. My hard work has paid off and it shows in what I have done all these years. My business has steadily grown and I am so incredibly happy. Here is the pic of the HOUZZ.COM staircase pic of my home and new pics of my store. enjoy :-)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Store expansion Vintage Chic Furniture Schenectady NY Bigger Better

Hi , so happy to share with you some pictures of my new store expansion. I was lucky enough to get the store next door, which i secretly prayed for for almost 2 years.
These pictures from February 1st. my grand opening party. Taken by Thea Coughlin- A FABULOUS child photographer specializing in newborns. I collaborate with her using my furniture for photo shoots.
My store is 1100 sq ft. however the store showroom is only 600 sq ft
Too small for selling furniture.
The rest is taken up by my office/ sewing area, then my workshop in the back- "where all the magic happens" LOL
I have had so many more customers in since I reopened. Its amazing how that big window gives me so much more exposure. Sooooo happy.
See my online store
Much health, wealth and happiness to all :-)