Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Storefront with My Vintage Chenille Bedspread Slipcovered Creations

I just had to take a picture of my storefront with all the lovely slip covered chairs I made with vintage chenille bedspreads and lovely rose fabrics. Most are for orders from my online shop at ETSY.COM . I will soon be making a few sofas as well. The weather has been beautiful , so I have been bringing them all out to show off the the world (or at least Union Street). The blue, yellow and white pieces on the right were made for a customers 90 year old mom. She is moving into her new apartment next week and these will be a lovely surprise for her. It was my pleasure to make them. A very special endeavour indeed. Her inspiration for me was a wonderful designer, Makenzie Childs. She mixes fabrics and trims in a lovely way. Her upholstered pieces are whimsical and wonderful. When i delivered them today, My client was so thrilled. She said they came out even better than she ever could have imagined. I was thrilled !! The next order I will be making is a wing back chair made from a clients Mothers bedspread. It is a beautiful bubble gum pink wedding ring design with beautiful thick fringe trim. She has passed awhile back and her daughter is so pleased to have this as a wonderful memory of her. Yet another very important and meaningful project, I am honored to have the privilege. I would love to make some thing for you. See more of my pieces at big hugs to all...:-)

Friday, July 15, 2011

My first time at BRIMFIELD antique show July 14 2011

OMGOSH !! what a fabulous time i had at my first experience going to the world renowned Brinfield Antique Show. I found SOOOO many thing i would have loved to have bought it ALL. I wanted to take pictures to show everybody the wonderful pieces i found. Boy was this place incredible. miles and miles of wonderful things. Sensory overload for sure :-) I am hooked. I cant wait to go again in September . I have already booked my trip. Enjoy seeing all my goodies and if you see something you like here, you can find them on my etsy store
Big hugs t

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Pink Chenille Bedspread Chair Going To Japan

This is my latest creation made from a pink and white wedding ring chenille bedspread and my favorite pink cabbage rose fabric. It will be shipped to California, then put in a container to Japan . It will be one of the showcase pieces in a new shabby chic store. This is one of my first orders to go overseas. I feel Incredible that my creations are being shared with the world. Chenille bedspreads remind me of my youth. Carefree and Cozy. It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. I imagine the new owner snuggling up in it after a long day of work, being enveloped by its cuddly softness. Unwinding from a long day with a cup of tea and a good book?
I have recieved many other orders for these through my etsy shop and I am so excited to make the next one....wait to see....hugs, Donna :-)

super cute chair with white chenille bedspread slipcover and yummy ruffled trim

OMGOSH!! I just love this chair and the adorable little slipcover i made from a rose pattern vintage chenille bedspread.This chair has some wonderful lines and the prettiest curvy legs. I painted the legs white and chose my newest favorite chenille fabric. it is a thick 100% cotton with the prettiest all over rose pattern. The same bedspread fabric was used on the last sofa I made, which by the way, sold in 4 days. It is getting shipped on Monday to a lovely lady in Arizona. I am also enjoying making ruffles, they feel so soft and pretty. I think it adds romanticism and femininity. i have just listed it in my etsy shop. be sure to take a look. . hugs, Donna :-)