Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter To All

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day . Enjoy all that life has to offer . Surround yourself with beautiful things that make you happy. The most beautiful being the love of friends and family. May your lives be filled with love, happiness and all things beautiful.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The new favorite corner of my store

I love this area of my store. I rearranged a few big items, as well as taking down some of the inspirational window art i had done using all the magazine clippings of loved rooms that I have saved for years. I felt it was time. At first I desperately needed then to take up some wall space in my store when i first opened in November. Now, I had collected a bunch of terrific mirrors that I wanted to bring down to eye's view. As luck would have it- I found a matching pair of vintage chenille bedspreads that i have fashioned into slipcovers. They have wonderful thick fringe. At first I wanted to take them home, but with a teenage kitten\Dusty-cat I should say, He's bigger than my older cat boo boo bear who is 5 now. The bedspreads have tufted loops so i re-thought that, as my Dusty loves to sink his claws into some things. He's a good kitty, but I could visualize these getting a little tattered looking real quick. They are so wonderful and I really love them. I am currently on the hunt for more chenille spreads. I love each chair I do and cant wait to make another. I hope everyone has a great day :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cute Little Pom Pom Stools

I've had these little stools for many years. I purchased them at a discount design store. In there first life they we're black with furry zebra fabric.I would put them around my coffee table and they we're great for friends to gather and talk. I decided, after painting the metal bases, that I would be bold and cover each one in a different favorite fabric. I collect trims, especially vintage pom pom fringe trims. The hardest ones to find are these really large ones i used here. The turquoise is one of the hardest colors to get, and when i took it out of it's storage bag, i realized i had just enough ,plus 3 inches left over- perfect!! I've also wanted to do the same with my dining chairs. Sometime i fight myself over going to the wild side because it just seems a little too crazy to mix all those different colors and fabrics. When I did my moms couch, I went through the same inner fight, and when i was done, it looked SOOO fantastic!!!! Which means, I should get going on those dining chairs . My biggest dilemma is: all lime green bush fringe , or mix'em up depending on the fabrics I decide to use????? Hot pink, light pink , lime green, yellow , bubble gum pink, and.... um? I would have to think of what other color brush fringes i have..... Oh!! of course-turquoise!! I hope every body had a great day :-)