Monday, April 6, 2009

The new favorite corner of my store

I love this area of my store. I rearranged a few big items, as well as taking down some of the inspirational window art i had done using all the magazine clippings of loved rooms that I have saved for years. I felt it was time. At first I desperately needed then to take up some wall space in my store when i first opened in November. Now, I had collected a bunch of terrific mirrors that I wanted to bring down to eye's view. As luck would have it- I found a matching pair of vintage chenille bedspreads that i have fashioned into slipcovers. They have wonderful thick fringe. At first I wanted to take them home, but with a teenage kitten\Dusty-cat I should say, He's bigger than my older cat boo boo bear who is 5 now. The bedspreads have tufted loops so i re-thought that, as my Dusty loves to sink his claws into some things. He's a good kitty, but I could visualize these getting a little tattered looking real quick. They are so wonderful and I really love them. I am currently on the hunt for more chenille spreads. I love each chair I do and cant wait to make another. I hope everyone has a great day :-)


  1. I love every corner of your store.

  2. nice to meet a follow shop owner. The blog world has people traveling to my shop and they will travel to yours too. So pretty, pretty...
    happy blogging, Heidi

  3. I absolutely love everything that you do, where is your shop??