Friday, February 24, 2012

Does Furniture Have a Soul ?

Ive seen books about haunted antiques. I wondered....Have I or will I ever come across one? There's also a question I have heard "does furniture have a soul?"
If i had come across a haunted piece, one that is unhappy, would it still be that way after I loved it, took care of it, and then found it a good loving home?
Imagine the piece of furniture as a was homeless, dirty, need a shower, didn't care much for life anymore....hopeless.... :-( so sad....
Imagine someone picked them up, dusted them off, showed them love and care... gave them some fresh new clothes....a chance to hold you head high again....then finally, the ultimate happiness, to find someone to love you. a new home , a new family?? WHAT JOY !!!
I loved the idea, that as a by product of my creations, I am also recycling. Saving beautiful old pieces that others discarded, saw no worth or value. I love them, each and every piece. I have the joy of making people happy and furniture happy, all while being a responsible human that is helping the planet....what JOY :-)

Here are few of my latest creations...
First, a wonderful vintage sofa. Great lines, good bones. I have made a slipcover from a vintage white chenille bedspread. Mixed it up with some lovely rose fabrics and new pillows, Its just heavenly :-)
Next a wonderful old antique dresser circa 1910-1930. I painted 3 different layers of yummy aqua blues and distressed it heavier to bring out all those different shades. It is one on my most favorites lately...finally I added some lovely rose knobs found on etsy. I have started carrying her whole line of rose knobs. Her website is
I love the contrast of the distressed finish with the polished pretty rose pretty. I have found my calling. I am truly Blessed :-)