Saturday, February 21, 2009

My new store vintage chic furniture - i did it!

I was told by fellow friends in this business to make a blog. Find new people, people find you and share your thoughts and ideas with the world! So, where do i start?? I guess the first and most exciting thing that i would like to share with the world is, that after 4 1/2 years of painting shabby chic antique furniture- I OPENED A STORE!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Its always been my dream and i have arrived!! I found a lovely old building at 182 River st. Troy NY, what a lovely old building, on a lovely street, right in the antiques district. It has been hard work, but boy is it worth it! Everyday when I walk through the door I just am amazed at where I am today. The sense of accomplishment is just the most incredible feeling! The next best thing would have to be the response i've heard from people who walk in the door. They gasp, They sigh, they say such lovely things about how much they love it, how good it makes them feel, how happy it makes them, and one of my favorites were "it feels like i've died and gone to heaven with all this white".

I guess i should say now that my whole store is white! The furniture is all white(distressed white), the walls are white, the accessories are white, and even the floor is white. Then of course followed by pink, soft blues, and any other pastel accessories i can find. I have a wonderful workshop area in the back for painting a lovely store front with the two cutest display windows and in the middle a great office/ sewing area. More blogging to come........ i'm hooked :-)


  1. looks like a great new adventure for you, hope you have great success

  2. Hi. I came across your blog by searching for "distressed dresser". I've go a dresser I need to refinish and I was googling to find some inspiration for the direction I wanted to take it. I came across your blog and continued to poke around and saw this post. What an inspiring thing to read! I just started redoing furniture and dream of having my own store. This little message really got me excited about my own possibilities. Good luck with your new venture!