Monday, June 20, 2011

Jeffey The Store Kitty King of Vintage Chic Furniture

OMG!! This is the GREATEST cat ever !!! He actually let us put a crown on his head while he posed for us. He is the best and coolest cat I've ever had!! My friend Thea Couglin fabulous baby photographer , does some wonderful newborn photos. She has used many of my furniture pieces for her shoots. After the last newborn shoot at my store, we placed Jeffrey on the set , put a crown on his head, and he happily posed for us. Can you believe a CAT ??sat there and posed??? AND let us put a crown on his head ??? while he sat there ??? As far as cats go, that's almost unheard of !!! He is just the most awesome kitty EVER!! Also, in my older posts, you will see that he was on the front cover of April 2010 Life At Home Magazine. He is a local celebrity. He could be a professional Kitty Model :-)

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