Thursday, August 25, 2011

antique chair in hot pink with pink damask fabric

I made a chair similar to this a few years back. the internet is a wonderful network of storage and ideas. My client found an old etsy ad for that chair and thought it was perfect for her home office alongside her grandmas hot pink antique shawl. Grandma must have been an awesome lady. My kinda gal for sure.
I was lucky enough to have the same fabric and trim in stock, but even luckier to find this awesome antique chair on wheels, like the last. It was perfect !!
I just received pictures from her and was excited to share it with you all. It's rare to see my items in their new home and love to get pictures from my customers. I love the bursts or hot pink colors of Grandmas shawl and the chair looks against her charcoal painted built ins. I was happy to make this for her and to help her showcase a family heirloom. Just lovely.

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