Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fab Furniture I found and transformed Shabby Chic Style

OMG!!! I have been very lucky lately. I have been able to find and buy some super pretty antique furniture pieces. Here are two fabulous finds that are incredible wonderful and rare. More to come as I transform them....
First is a low antique buffet that is perfect for a flat screen tv stand. I searched for 2 whole years to find the first one for my own home, i still have it, this is the second. I have to say, this one is nicer ! I have painted it a french gray or gray with white accents and an antique glaze. This is one of my secret paint finishes that makes it look as though it had been painted 100 years ago.
Second is a GORGEOUS antique wrought iron bed frame. It is full size, solid cast iron, super heavy and by far one of the nicest ones I have ever seen. It is Very tall at over 5 ft. Very grand.Has a wonderful medallion on the head and footboard. When i got it, There was so much rust and chipping paint. My 2 interns and I scraped all the old paint off then painted it in a wonderful light pink color. OMG, it seemed to suck up the paint!!! i had to use 6 cans for this project. but it looks FABULOUS!!! SO YUMMY !!!! I WISH I HAD THE ROOM !! I WOULD DEFINITELY KEEP IT!!! see it in my Etsy shop


  1. Really both pieces of antique furniture are fabulous.Your color choice wonderful and decorating style unique. Thanks for sharing this nice post .

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  2. Beautiful work! Love, love, love the bed! Just purchased an antique iron bed from a neighbor who was moving and I'm trying to decide whether to keep it "as is" or do something more with it.

    I'm just north of you in GF/Saratoga area. I'll have to stop by your shop next time I'm down your way!

    ~Mrs B

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  4. I love shabby chic. I loved your work the way turned out above two antique pieces of furniture. I loved the above room with white bed. I often select white painted furniture for my place and when I get any second hand shopping, I often turned out with them white color. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.