Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chenille bedspread slipcovered sofa in my customers home

How wonderful it is for me to see my fabulous creations in their new homes. This is my second ruffle slipcovered sofa made with vintage chenille bedspreads in white with an all over rose pattern. the ruffle takes one whole bedspread. I calculated aprox 600 linear feet of ruffle. Then i have covered the cushions and back pillows with the most yummiest shabby chic fabrics in shades of white, pink and blue. I have them shipped from half way around the world, coming all the way from Asia. My customer was a dream to work with and I was able to get it shipped to her in time for her big party, where she was so proud to show it off to all her friends and family. She was proud, I was prouder. I wish I could have been there to hear all the oohs and aaahs and comments on the beautiful new addition to her livingroom. I shipped it across the country to her residence in California.
I know when I had it in my shop, I heard many gasps and sighs, as well as my own. Every time I walked by it I was so amazed at what I made. It was just sooooo pretty. Then I sat in it.....ahhhhhh, it was so cozy.... Was it cozy because it was a really comfortable piece of furniture?....or was it extra cozy because it was so beautiful??? I have to say, I remembered having it in my shop after purchasing it and sitting in it with its original tan muslin upholstered cover and not really thinking much of its coziness. Once i finished the covers, I sank into it and it felt so dreamy, like one of the most comfortable things I've ever sat in before. I think it was more cozy now that it is beautiful :-)
I look forward to the next pieces I create and I am as excited as my followers to see what I make next. Each piece gets better and better. I look forward to making more wonderful slipcovered pieces using cozy and heartwarming vintage chenille bedspreads. Find more of my pieces at www.vintagechicfurniture.com and contact me if you would like me to make a special creation just for you. big hugs, donna :-)


  1. I am the lucky OWNER of the beautiful creation made by Donna~ What a beautiful addition... and Donna has become such a great friend~ She answered ALL my (thousands) of questions along the way, and calmed my fears of having an empty room for my party!!! I was thrilled the day it arrived... and now that it is in my house, I just ADORE IT~ I got SO many compliments on it... and YES... it is just the coziest... my husband gets up a lot at night, and he goes down to sleep on the couch... he was really upset when we only had a love seat for about a month!!! He is THRILLED now~ Donna... thank you for all your hard work... I am SO happy~ Hugs to you~ Anna

  2. yay! that is the most wonderful thing i have ever heard. i hope you both enjoy it very much. hope your husbands naps on it are sound with wonderful happy dreams. big hugs back. it was my pleasure :-)

  3. Gorgeous pieces. I'm neither ready to cut into my chenille nor quite ready to think myself a slip cover maker but i'm getting awfully close! beautiful pieces. Tammy